Our firm has handled thousands of bankruptcy cases throughout the State of Georgia for over 25 years, including both personal and business cases from the debtor and creditor side. Robert Gardner heads the firm’s bankruptcy practice, and regularly represents clients in the Atlanta, Gainesville, and Athens division of the bankruptcy court.

What is bankruptcy?

Although the concept of bankruptcy has been around for thousands of years, our current form is handled through the Federal Courts under Title 11 of the United States Code. Bankruptcy under this code is a method by which individuals and companies can eliminate, modify, or dispute personal or business debt. There are several chapters under this code which refer to different types of bankruptcy. Our firm handles all chapters of bankruptcy with the exception of cases under Chapter 9, which deals with municipalities restructuring debt. Chapters relating to our client are as follows:

How we do things at Gardner Law Firm:

All of our cases are handled by attorneys within our firm, and you will get to know the attorney handling your case personally. All cases are filed by Mr. Gardner personally, who is responsible for the case from start to finish. We ensure that our clients understand the entire process of a case, how it works, what problems to avoid, what actions you need to take and why, and how to help us help you. We work with you as a team to make sure that the relief you are entitled to is exactly what you get. A very high percentage of our clients are referred by prior or existing clients, which tells us that the way we handle the process is the right way and that our clients are satisfied with that way.

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